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5 Fabulous Vegan Chocolate Recipes

Hey, friends! It occurred to me as I am working through a lot of the business of life that it’s been some time since I’ve talked about one of my great loves in life — chocolate! After all, one of the reasons I started this blog as a new vegan was to talk about not only how bountiful a vegan diet is but that you can most assuredly have your (vegan) cake, and eat it, too! While I have an extensive vegan cookbook library that has no shortage of baked goods recipes, there are always those staple recipes that I come back to time and time again. So…I thought it was time I shared them with you. Best of all, these recipes are right under your sweet (pun intended!) little nose on the web. Whether you want a cake, a brownie, cookies or something to share for the holidays or a party, I’ve got you covered. Here are 5 of my favorite vegan chocolate recipes:

PCRM’s Wacky Cake

vegan chocolate cake by pcrm

image: PCRM

The Happy Herbivore’s Single Serving Brownie

vegan single serving brownie by the happy herbivore

image: The Happy Herbivore

Kelly Peloza’s Giant Bakery Style Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

vegan giant bakery style cookies

image: instagram.com/gotvegan

Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Brownie Batter Dip

vegan brownie batter by chocolate covered katie

image: chocolate-covered katie

The PPK’s Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf

vegan chocolate spice loaf by the ppk

image: The PPK

I have personally made each of these recipes many times, and I can vouch they are delicious! No one would ever try these tasty goodies and think they were missing animal-based ingredients. Go ahead…give ’em a try and let me know what you think 🙂

What’s your favorite go-to vegan chocolate recipe? (I’m always on the lookout for more chocolate! 😉 )