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Fresh n Lean Plantbased Meal Delivery

image source: Fresh n’ Lean

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they don’t have time to prepare healthy meals (let alone vegan meals), I’d be a rich woman. But I get it: not everyone has the energy to cook some days, knows how to cook a delicious, nutritious vegan meal, or even likes to cook. So…what if you could pay to have healthy, convenient, plant-based meals made for and delivered to you? Would you be interested? I sure would! That’s why I was so intrigued when Fresh n’ Lean contacted me for a product review.

If you’ve never heard of Fresh n’ Lean (which I hadn’t), they’re a plant-based meal delivery service (very cool!) that prides itself in helping people eat conveniently for overall health by offering nutrient-rich, fiber-full, balanced meals using all-natural ingredients, without any preservatives, GMOs, or artificial ingredients.

I’ve never tried meal delivery services. I’ve certainly tried my fair share of frozen, prepared meals. As someone who tries to be relatively health-conscious, I’m oftentimes turned off by the high levels of sodium in some of these frozen meals, not to mention they tend to be a soggy, sad mess once they’ve been heated 😦 But then I had a fantastic experience with Fresh n’ Lean…

I had five items delivered to my home: apple almond oatmeal, lemon seed loaf, roasted bok choy & savory quinoa, Spanish vegetable rice, and garlic mushroom & kale pasta. Each little package has a nutrition label and ingredients list for reference. I decided I would have the oatmeal and lemon seed loaf as breakfast options and the other three meals as dinner options.

The ingredients are very clean — lots of non-gmo, organic, whole foods-based and gluten-free ingredients. For those of you that eschew oil, there are some oils used in a few of the meals. I’m not a nay-sayer to oil, so I was overall really delighted with the ingredients list.

You can either cook the meals in the oven or the microwave. For a true test of how these meals stood up to being re-heated, I used the microwave. Plus, nuking them only took 2-3 minutes. Whoa! I couldn’t believe how fresh everything tasted! I know that statement sounds like a cheesy infomercial statement, but it’s true! The diced apples in the oatmeal were crisp, as were the peas in the rice. The mushrooms in the savory quinoa and pasta dishes weren’t mush! (No pun intended, heehee.) All the dishes were flavorful despite a low-sodium focus and had really fantastic texture. I was truly impressed considering these were frozen meals!

Fresh-n-Lean-Apple-Almond-Oatmeal-ingredients Fresh-n-Lean-Apple-Almond-Oatmeal Fresh-n-Lean-Lemon-Seed-Loaf-ingredients Fresh-n-Lean-Lemon-Seed-Loaf-1 Fresh-n-Lean-Lemon-Seed-Loaf-2 Fresh-n-Lean-Roasted-Bok-Choy-and-Savory-Quinoa-ingredients Fresh-n-Lean-Roasted-Bok-Choy-and-Savory-Quinoa Fresh-n-Lean-Spanish-Vegetable-Rice-ingredients Fresh-n-Lean-Spanish-Vegetable-Rice Fresh-n-Lean-Garlic-Mushroom-Kale-Pasta-ingredients Fresh-n-Lean-Garlic-Mushroom-Kale-Pasta-1 Fresh-n-Lean-Garlic-Mushroom-Kale-Pasta-2

I tried to take some “prettier” photos of my samples, but I also wanted you all to see exactly how the items come packaged, so the photos of the foods eaten in their original containers (complete with fork punctures in the plastic) are intentional.

My favorite item was the lemon seed loaf. Such a filling breakfast with all those healthy seeds and the essence of lemon really perked me up in the morning. I also found the oatmeal to be very filling considering it’s a portion-controlled meal; the oatmeal really stuck with me all morning and kept me fueled until lunch time. The savory quinoa was also one of my favorite meals. It felt like a lot of food on the plate (for all you visual eaters) and was very satisfying. I really did like all the options I was sent! I honestly can’t complain 🙂

If you check out more of the menu options on the Fresh n’ Lean website, you’ll see just how many delectable-looking meals they offer. YUM!

If you’re thinking about trying out Fresh n’ Lean’s meal delivery service, check out this great cost-comparison guide, too. Yes, a meal delivery service might be more expensive compared to buying foods yourself and cooking meals at home, but you’re paying for the convenience plus the added benefits of healthy, wholesome, plant-based ingredients. I actually think the plans are surprisingly affordable.

image source: Fresh n' Lean

image source: Fresh n’ Lean

I hope you’ll spread the news about Fresh n’ Lean and let others know about this resource that makes it easy for people to start incorporating more plant-based meals into their eating regimen. With the holidays upon us, wouldn’t this just be a great treat for someone! 😉 Many thanks to the folks at Fresh n’ Lean who gave this humble blogger a chance to try their products. You’ve made me a believer in the work you do and I’m all the more grateful that companies like yours exist. Keep doing what you’re doing — putting plants on the plate.

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