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The first time I saw Ruby Roth, I thought “What a doll!” But then I saw this interview where she basically put a news woman in her place about children going vegan and I thought, “What a smart, badass vegan woman!” Obviously I was a little behind the curve of the Ruby Roth fan club but it didn’t take long for me to jump on her bandwagon.

Not only is Ms. Roth an inspiring woman, animal activist, and vegan, but her niche is addressing vegan kids, parents on raising vegan kids, and helping children understand how animals are friends, not food. And while I’m certainly not her target audience, I am absolutely in love with her latest book/cookbook “The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids.”

I’m by no means a cook, not even a home cook. Combining flavors and ingredients is a foreign science to me. And I’m sure to botch a seemingly foolproof recipe. The kitchen and I simply don’t mix. But every once in a while I come across a cookbook and I know: I got this. 

As I flipped through the creatively illustrated pages of The Help Yourself Cookbook (illustrated by Ruby!) I could feel myself smile. This cookbook looks so much fun! The font colors, the pictures, the animal-advocacy-through-art…it all makes my inner child clap her hands in excitement 😀

The recipes look incredibly simple to make and wonderfully nutritious, and I’m not just saying that because of the cute recipe titles and drawings. There’s plenty of suggestions for adapting these recipes for packed lunches, or just enjoying them at your leisure at home. There’s even a few homemade dressings I can’t wait to try (requiring very few ingredients–love that!) Furthermore, I love that this cookbook is getting kids involved in cooking while teaching them to care about what they put in their bodies, protecting the environment, and respecting animal lives all at once. And adults can rest assured–there are little “Adult Alerts” in the book so little kiddies know when they’re going to need adult supervision with a portion of the recipe. 

Finally, I’ve mentioned here or there in my blog or on social media about my newly single standing in life–which is actually not so new anymore. While I’ve tremendously grown emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in the past year and a half, I’m always on the lookout for messages of inspiration and encouragement. This line in Ruby’s cookbook introduction really spoke to me:

You…are a very strong and capable person. You have a LOT of power! You hardly need anything more than your own two hands…

I guess this message, found in the most unlikely of places–a kids cookbook–really spoke to me. So thank you, Ruby Roth, for this cookbook, for speaking up for animals, and for nourishing both children and adults alike. ❤️