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Hi, friends!

Today’s post is very short and to the point as it is mostly visual in its message. I was contacted via Twitter from someone on staff at FARM about helping to promote their annual Meatout campaign. I’ve been posting information on my social media profiles, but also wanted to help get the word out on my blog.

Meatout is an initiative that challenges people to pledge to eat 100% vegan for one day. Please take the time to visit the Meatout website and share it with others.

Most people may not realize how simple it is to eat vegan for one day. They forget that ordinary foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nut butters, pasta, herbs, spices, etc, are actually vegan 🙂

To help people pick and choose from a variety of meals that are easy, affordable, and vegan, I created a little infographic. It’s my first attempt at making an infographic, but it was something I wanted to do to help with the Meatout campaign. Please share!

how to eat vegan for a day infographic