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2015 is in full swing and the holidays are behind us, and boy, did I enjoy some vegan chocolate! Here’s my latest round-up of all the products I discovered and enjoyed throughout the holiday season and into the new year 🙂

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I found some limited edition Bixby bars. The whole Bixby bar line isn’t vegan, but they have many vegan-friendly options.

These chocolates are from Rose City Chocolatier. Not only are the chocolates edible (of course), but the wreath-shaped box they came in is also completely edible! This was one of the best Christmas presents I ever received! 🙂

These mini chocolates from Vita Organic Foods are not only vegan, but they are very “clean” with only minimal ingredients. There’s a whole line of products, which I found at Whole Foods, but I couldn’t afford to buy all of them, so I simply bought the minis as I thought these little bites seemed pretty fun. 😉

This is a chocolate bar I found at a grocery store called Fresh Market, and while their whole line isn’t vegan, this particular bar was. It’s seriously creamy considering there is no dairy and there’s plenty of bits of hazelnuts that add delicious flavor and the right amount of crunch.

Many vegans have come to know and love JJ’s Sweet Cocomels made from coconut milk and infused with flavors such as “sea salt”, “espresso” or “vanilla”. However, their latest products are these chewy beauties: dark-chocolate covered caramels. OMG. So good!

Finally, we arrive at January…my birthday month. One of my sweet (no pun intended!) friends gifted me with the ultimate present for vegan chocoholics: baked goods from the one and only Vegan Treats!

Yes, the holidays were oh-so-indulgent! Fortunately, because I follow a pretty clean vegan diet for all of my other meals, and because I shared these treats (yes, I shared them if you can believe it 🙂 ) my waistline didn’t suffer too much. Plus, since the New Year started I am participating in No Meat Athlete’s #WriteAndRun31 challenge where I have committed to writing and running a little bit each day in January. So, on top of my normal physical activity, I’ve made the promise to tack on a little bit of running. I’m sure that’s helped me combat the effects of my sweet tooth somewhat, too.

What about you guys and gals? Any stand-out vegan chocolate treats you’ve enjoyed lately? Do tell, and thanks for reading 🙂