vegan apps

I’m back again with a few more resources to help people go vegan in the new year. If you missed my previous post with links to helpful websites, meal plans, vegetarian/vegan starter kits, and vegan pledges/challenges, be sure to check it out or share it with someone who could use a little guidance with the whole “eating vegan thing.” 😉

If your life models the fast-paced craziness that is today’s world, you probably already know about some of the more helpful apps to help you find vegan food options on-the-go. Happy Cow is one of the most popular apps. But there have been some other apps that have popped onto my radar that not only help you find vegan food options, but may also help you in other areas of the vegan lifestyle such as deciphering where some weird-sounding food ingredient is sourced from or how to find cruelty-free cosmetics. So check out the list, and if you’ve got an app recommendation be sure to let me know. I’d love to keep this list of apps as relevant and up-to-date as possible.

Without further ado…

Happy Cow: Find vegan food options in surrounding areas (free and paid versions, iPhone and Android)

Animal-Free: A reference for identifying common and hidden animal ingredients (free, iPhone and Android)

Forks Over Knives: Recipes for whole-foods, plant-based recipes (paid)

The Blender Girl: A smoothie-making guide from the popular website and book of the same name (paid, iPhone)

Cruelty-Free: Discover which companies are cruelty-free (free, iPhone and Android)

Is It Vegan: Simply scan the bar code on a package of food to help determine if it’s vegan (free and paid versions, iPhone and Android)

21-Day Vegan Kickstart: A 21-day plan with vegan meals and grocery lists (free, iPhone)

Vgan: This app helps you determine if your liquor is vegan-friendly (free, Android)

VeganXPress: This app lists over 130 very common restaurants and the menu items at these restaurants that are suitable for those eating vegan (paid, iPhone)


Run Cow Run: A game where you try and free the cow from the farmer — pretty fun! (free, iPhone and Android)

Chocolate List: A list of slavery-free and vegan chocolate brands from the food and social justice website The Food Empowerment Project (free, iPhone and Android)

Buycott: This app helps you learn about the social impact of the products you buy. You can even join campaigns. Double the points for sourcing vegan products and joining vegan/animal rights campaigns 😉 (free, iPhone and Android)

One quick search through either the iTunes store of the Google Play store using the word “vegan” will return many results. The ones I’ve listed above are my top picks and seem to be the most popular by others’ standards as well.

Do you have a favorite vegan app you would add to this list?