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Vegan Thanksgiving Papa Ganache vegan bakery

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of yummy vegan eats. This year, in addition to the traditional food I was prepared to enjoy with others, I brought along two new vegan products: Hilary’s Eat Well stuffing and Field Roast’s newest roast. I didn’t eat too much of the roast as too much gluten upsets my stomach, but I still really enjoyed it. It might be one of their best holiday product yet. As for the stuffing, the flavor profile is spot-on. However, because this product is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, dairy-free, nut-free…it’s really millet with the traditional flavor profile of Thanksgiving stuffing. It’s not bad; it’s just not “stuffing.”
stuffing field-roast-1 field-roast-2 tomato-soup asparagus thanksgiving-plate

In addition to being a foodie and chocoholic, I am also a pretty big lover of red wine. I use Barnivore to look-up vegan-friendly wine labels. While their inventory is always growing, it certainly doesn’t list every wine under the sun. But I was able to ascertain that this label is a vegan-friendly vintner and thus, I drank happily.
cycles gladiator vegan friendly cabernet sauvignon

No holiday would be complete (at least for me) if I didn’t do a little bit of vegan activism. We all know one of the best ways to show others how bountiful and appealing a vegan lifestyle can be is through serving omnivores delicious vegan fare. So I made some giant cinnamon buns for the family out of the Sticky Fingers cookbook and served a pumpkin gingerbread loaf with spiced buttercream frosting from the Oh She Glows vegan food blog. I am happy to report that both offerings were met with praise. (As if I expected anything less 😉 )
cinnamon-buns frosted-gingerbread-pumpkin-loaf-1 frosted-gingerbread-pumpkin-loaf-2

One would think after a plentiful Thanksgiving holiday, which always includes too much food, I would have no appetite for more food. That might be the case…if I hadn’t been visiting the state that is home to Papa Ganache.

If you don’t know anything about this all-vegan bakery, prepare for your mouth to water. Papa Ganache is a cute mom-and-pop bakery in Matawan, New Jersey. They serve vegan desserts and savory food options, many of which are also gluten-free. They even fill special orders. Their biggest claim to fame is their victorious win on an episode of Cupcake Wars (woot woot!).

The bakery is small, but cool with little cafe tables and wooden benches for dining in. The service was quick and very friendly despite the line of people chomping at the bit to get a taste of their offerings.
papa-ganache-building signage case-1 case-2 pies papa-ganache-interior

I walked in their bakery prepared to do some damage — both to my waistline and my wallet, heehee. Savory-wise, I ordered a piece of their gluten-free veggie quiche and the gluten-free buffalo “chicken” pizza. I also ordered:

  • the mini gluten-free, vegan chocolate cheesecake
  • the gluten-free, vegan cinnamon sugar donut
  • the gluten-free, vegan giant “samoa” cookie
  • the gluten-free, vegan chocolate pretzel cupcake
  • the gluten-free, vegan caramel pecan brownie
  • a slice of the gluten-free, vegan cookie pie

OH…and a trio of vegan cupcakes. I took a bite of each and then promptly froze the rest for another day. I wanted to have just enough of a taste to feel spoiled and give you my honest feedback, but not go into sugar shock.

The savory foods were good, but the baked goods are really where Papa Ganache shines. Everything was delicious. My only complaints are these: the cheesecake texture wasn’t spot-on. It had too much of a silken/soft tofu mouthfeel which might have been masked if the chocolate flavor was a little more intense. Also, the donut was, of course, fried, but it was a little too greasy for my taste. It left an oily film on my lips and that was slightly off-putting. Beyond that, everything was delectable; my photos just don’t do the place justice, but God in heaven, was it good!
quiche pizza chocolate-cheesecake donut chocolate-pretzel-cupcake vegan-samoa-cookie brownie-1 brownie-2 cookie-pie-1 cookie-pie-2 trio-of-cupcakes

I hope your Thanksgiving was as fun and blessed as mine. I’m grateful to have found my way to this vegan lifestyle and to be experiencing all the happiness and peace (and deliciousness!) it has brought to my life.

Now that we are in the throes of the holidays, I wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season! I’ll be in touch again soon 😉

header image: Flickr