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The title of this blog post says it all: I am super excited about two new resources that have launched to help vegans connect and spread the vegan message.

VeganWall (in beta) is a new social network where people can share their vegan stories, photos, recipes, links, and more. As content is shared, you can vote on it to voice your opinion on “content quality and can make sure that the most interesting posts get most visibility.” You can add a location to your profile so that other users in your area are able to connect with you. The more you engage on the network, the more “karma” you build and the more “karma points” you earn. The site is still a work in progress (hence, the beta), but I love that it’s a resource to help vegans and people who are interested in the vegan lifestyle connect, learn, and grow together.


image: veganwall

Secondly, Veganuary has launched its new website! Founders Matthew and Jane, recognizing that January is a traditional month for new beginnings and commitments, created a virtual haven for the veg-curious who are ready to meet the new year vegan-style.


image: Veganuary

The website is full of useful resources — recipes, eating out guides, vegan myths, stories from both famous vegans and regular vegan folks, plus a news & blog section. Be sure to share it with people you know who have interests or questions about the vegan lifestyle.

I am looking forward to watching these sites as they develop and become informational powerhouses for the vegan lifestyle. Kudos to the teams behind both platforms. It’s inspiring to see new paths being forged for the vegan message.

What other websites do you frequent or recommend for people interested in a vegan diet? Let me know and hopefully we can grow a resource list together! 🙂