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Hello, friends!

It’s National Chocolate Day and even though this day is coming to a close, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some photos of the absolutely delicious vegan chocolate products I’ve enjoyed over the last few months.

There’s a new Whole Foods Market in town, and that’s where I discovered Grateful Grahams. Even though one item was a “graham cracker” and the other items was a cookie, the items were pretty much the same in taste and texture…but that ain’t a bad thing! I can vouch they were equally scrumptious. They were soft and chewy and delectably chocolatey.

Also at this Whole Foods, the bakery section happened to be carrying a teff brownie. Because these brownies are made from teff flour, they are also gluten free. They were more dense and chewy, and I think this may have been due to the lack of gluten, but that’s about the only “upset” — and I use that word lightly. If someone offered me this brownie again…let’s just say I wouldn’t say no 😉

One thing Maryland boasts is being home to Pangea Vegan Store. It’s an online vegan shop, but on Saturdays for a few hours they accept walk-in purchases. I made a point to go there one particular Saturday when the hubby was out with the guys. On their dry erase board I always make a point to look at the vegan baked goods they have in the warehouse freezer. There was a brownie-chocolate chip cookie hybrid item that caught my eye (of course!). I immediately asked if I could have one of those babies brought out and added to my shopping cart. And life has never been the same. This particular baked good from X’s to O’s Bakery knocked. my. socks. off. It’s not for the faint of heart; only true chocolate lovers should indulge in this uber-rich, uber-decadent brownie-cookie. I also purchased (from Pangea) the X’s to O’s Canoe Boats, which are like vegan Twinkies. I purchased their chocolate-covered Canoe Boats (imagine a chocolate-covered Twinkie) and their chocolate Canoe Boats (a chocolate Twinkie instead of vanilla). Oh My Goodness. They were so good, I forgot to take a picture. Literally!

Finally, my local health food store started carrying a new line of local, Baltimore-based chocolate bars from Charm School Chocolate. There were several chocolate bars I could have chosen from, but at $8 a pop, I limited my purchase to two bars. I chose their coconut milk chocolate with maple candied pecans (drool!) and the ever-elusive white chocolate bar. Both were spectacular! I was particularly taken with the white chocolate as it’s been quite some time since I’ve had anything close to a white chocolate bar.

If you can get your hands on any of these items, please do! You won’t be sorry. In fact, your taste buds will be thrilled. Ain’t being vegan wonderful!

grateful-grahams-1 grateful-grahams-2 grateful-grahams-3 grateful-grahams-4 grateful-grahams-5
teff-brownie-1 teff-brownie-2 teff-brownie-3
xo-bakery-vegan-brownie-1 xo-bakery-vegan-brownie-2 xo-bakery-vegan-brownie-3 xo-bakery-vegan-brownie-4 xo-bakery-vegan-brownie-5
charm-school-chocolate-vegan-chocolate-1 charm-school-chocolate-vegan-chocolate-3 charm-school-chocolate-vegan-chocolate-2 charm-school-chocolate-vegan-chocolate-4
charm-school-chocolate-vegan-white-chocolate-1 charm-school-chocolate-vegan-white-chocolate-2 charm-school-chocolate-vegan-white-chocolate-2b charm-school-chocolate-vegan-white-chocolate-3 charm-school-chocolate-vegan-white-chocolate-4 charm-school-chocolate-vegan-white-chocolate-5 charm-school-chocolate-vegan-white-chocolate-6

Thanks for reading! Catch ya next time 🙂