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vegan month of food 2014 Charlie Was

I’m finally back at home, and trying to reestablish some of my normal routine until I have to head out of town (again!) to help out a family member. Today is actually my 9-year anniversary, and it feels nothing like an anniversary; the date just sort of snuck up on me! But it’s all good. For an anniversary present, of sorts, I brought home (for my hubby) several tapas-style items from a 100% vegan restaurant I dined at while in Philly for a work conference, Charlie was a sinner. Holy $*!# you guys!!! This place was OFF THE HOOK good!!!

I have included some shots of the city from the Penns Landing area, but let’s be honest, the real highlight of my trip was this restaurant. It’s casual, but loungey, but sexy with the velvet-cushioned seating, candlelit tables, rich brown wood floors and bars, and all-around has a very cool ambiance.

Our waitress, Sadie (spelling?), was so cool and delivered excellent customer service. She gave us lots of great recommendations and even told me how I could adjust some of the menu items to make them gluten free (since I’m a little sensitive to too much gluten).

The menu layout is a little cheeky, a little coy. The menu is laid out in small chapters (see photos below)–love that! Unique. My friend ordered a mocktail of some sort of sparkling water with basil and fennel while I ordered a glass of Malbec and then later a berry punch with a splash of brandy (I think). Truth be told, I ordered that punch because I loved the colors, which don’t quite translate through my photos as my camera was simply the one I had on my phone and the lighting of the restaurant is lower. No matter! The drinks, like ALL of the food, were divine!

The tapas plates were enough to share between my friend and I, and everything was perfectly balanced with the right amount of spice, or sweetness, or smoke, or heat. Nothing was too heavy or too oily. I left feeling satisfied without feeling heavy, and boy oh boy, my tastebuds were beyond tantalized.


A nice, colorful spot to hangout or rest in a hammock!

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The chickpea fries were far and away my favorite thing! But I have to give a shout-out to the watercress and fig salad because it had THE MOST DIVINE vanilla dressing. The broccoli rabe, chocolate cake with strawberry sorbet, homemade ricotta nut cheese, and noodles with bucatani meatballs were also amazing choices. There wasn’t a single item we ordered that we didn’t gush over.

If you make it to Philly, DO NOT skip this restaurant. Go, go, go. You won’t regret it and you’ll be supporting a 100% vegan business.