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The second week of Vegan Month of Food 2014 is almost done. I spent a decent chunk of time during the middle of the week going through the VeganMoFo blogroll picking out some posts by my fellow bloggers that caught my eye. I am so amazed by the cool and creative work everyone is doing! With all of the inspiring, intelligent, happy and hardworking vegan voices out there, I feel hopeful that one day the vegan lifestyle will simply be “the” lifestyle everyone lives. So, without further ado, here are the Featured Friday VeganMoFo 2014 posts:

hagrid rawk cakes

Dumbledore’s Vegan Army “Hagrid’s Rawk Cakes”. I mentioned last Friday that I’m a Harry Potter fan, so of course, I’m a sucker for a veganized Harry Potter recipe 😉

washington dc vegan cupcakes

I was so excited to find this post on CocoNuttyNatty’s blog “7 Places to Get Vegan Cupcakes in DC” because I live pretty close to the Washington DC metropolitan area. Now I know where to go to get me some vegan cupcakes!

vegan acorn squash pasta recipe

I’ve been a fan of Hipsterfood’s blog for a little while now. I love the photography! And, this recipe is perfect for the upcoming fall season. Plus, the ingredients are simple and minimal; perfect for cooks of any level!

carrot gnocchi

I’m a sucker for pasta and this carrot gnocchi en papillote looks divine!

lil yellow cake and chocolate frosting

I have a sweet tooth, so portion-controlled desserts are ideal for me. Well, this post on Newly Vegan’s blog features a cookbook that I love (and own) that has a vegan “easy bake oven” recipe. It’s meant for kids, but so what, heehee!


Finally, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated dessert to share with others this weekend, check out this beautiful torte from Vegan Insanity’s blog. Mmm…

I’ll catch you guys and gals next week when I return for Week 3 of Vegan Month of Food 2014. Until then, have an awesome weekend and eats lots of yummy vegan food 😉