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It’s Friday–hooray! Not only is it Friday, but I made it through my first week of VeganMoFo! I know the “official rules” said to at least post every week day, and I accomplished that. I confess, heading into this virtual event was a little daunting. I love blogging; I love having a little byte of the inter-world where I can share my vegan experience (because it’s an awesome one!). But I’m not always so great about actually writing my blog posts. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make the commitment to blog consistently, but so far so good!

At any rate, I feel it’s important to not just make this about my vegan experience. The amazing thing about an event like Vegan Month of Food is being able to see how many people are out there, doing their vegan “thang”, making yummy eats, and spreading the word about vegan living. I thought for today I would share some of posts that caught my eye. After all, it’s important we encourage eachother; build eachother up.

So here’s what I got:

1. Vegan Sweet and Simple

Funny story: Shannon and I actually became acquainted on a #VeganFoodChat a couple of Wednesday evenings ago on Twitter. Only by going back and reviewing some of her tweets did I realize we were recently at Bethlehem Vegfest at the same time sitting in on the same cooking demo. Ha ha! I guess she and I will just have to meet in person some other time. At any rate, she’s cooking some delicious-looking savory foods “from around the world”. Just take a look at this Crispy Tempeh in Sweet Soy Sauce with a Nut-Free Gado Gado Salad recipe!Indonesia-Tempeh-Dish1-1024x488

2. Ms Vegan

If you haven’t poked around my blog, you may not realize that I have a ginormous sweet tooth, and my vice of choice is chocolate. So it’s no surprise that Ms Vegan’s yummy bars caught my eye. Looks like a fun recipe to make for the weekend! Better still, the recipe calls for vegan condensed milk–which can be realllly tricky to find. But no matter! She’s got a recipe for it along with the yummy bar recipe. Kinda like two recipes in one 😉 Score.Ms Vegan   Yummy Bars

3. Miss Kitchen Witch

This might be the most exciting VeganMoFo theme I’ve seen yet, because this gal is going to be creating vegan food inspired by Harry Potter! Squeeeee! That’s so great; I love it! If you don’t love the Harry Potter series like me, or haven’t been to Harry Potter World like me, then you probably could care less, but I think it’s pretty freakin’ fantastic. And now you know I’m a nerd 😉 At any rate, this recipe for cauldron cakes just made me giddy.miss kitchen witch cauldron cakes

How have you all been enjoying the first week of Vegan Month of Food 2014? What have been some of the standout blogs and recipes that have caught your attention? I’d love to hear about them; spread the love!