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I realized I’ve truly enjoyed some amazing vegan chocolate products this month! I thought in case you missed anything from my Facebook Page, Twitter, or Instagram that maybe I would just bring these goodies to you all in one place. Hence, this blog post. Here’s what you missed:

Chocolate Hollow blog

1. I was asked to review several chocolate bars from a small vegan chocolate company based in Vermont. They were literally the best vegan chocolate bars I’ve ever had. Check out the post all about the luscious vegan chocolate made by Chocolate Hollow.

2. The award in second place for getting me the most excited about vegan chocolate in the month of July was…discovering Eat Pastry Cookie Dough’s elusive “Chocoholic Chip” cookie dough at my local Wegman’s. I did a happy dance in the store, but thankfullly, didn’t take photos of that 😉

eat pastry chocolate vegan cookie dough 1

eat pastry chocolate vegan cookie dough 2

eat pastry vegan chocolate cookie dough 3 eat pastry chocolate vegan cookie dough 4

3. There were several items I found while popping into Whole Foods. I don’t have a local Whole Foods, but I will stop at the one in Annapolis, MD when heading out to the Eastern Shore. So, naturally, as I made my way out there this summer on one of my beach-bound trips, I popped in and found a few things that made piqued my interest.

shiny spoons vegan chocolate buckwheat pudding 1

shiny spoons vegan chocolate buckwheat pudding 2

This buckwheat pudding is gluten free and tastes just like the chocolate pudding you remember as a kid!

crave right vegan brownie chocolate chunk cookie

You would think a vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut free, corn free cookie would taste “eh”, but this cookie was DECADENT. I would absolutely get it again!

4. I took a trip up to Pennsylvania, a teeny, tiny town called Douglassville to be exact. There’s a natural grocery store there called Kimberton Foods. Of all the places to find a haven of organic produce, bulk beans and grains, natural home and body care, and of course, vegan goodies, I never would have guessed I would find one in Douglassville, PA! At any rate, I found an embarrassingly thick, chewy, and rich vegan sandwich cookie and…a chocolate-sunflower-seed-almond nut butter by Wild Friends that I’ve been keeping my eye open for. (You can order the nut butter online, but ha ha, I didn’t have to after all!)

happy girl cookie company vegan sandwich cookie 1

happy girl cookie company vegan sandwich cookie 2

Look at those rich layers! Don’t worry; I split it with the hubby and didn’t make a complete little piggy of myself 🙂

wild friends chocolate sunflower seed almond butter

wild friends nut butter collage

5. Finally, I leave you with this because I love you: I happened upon a recipe from a husband-and-wife blogging team called “Happy To Be A Table Of Two”. (Please check out their sweet little blog and follow it!) It’s a cupcake recipe that uses the accidentally-vegan Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos as a little something extra special at the bottom of the chocolate cupcake. The oreo-bottomed chocolate cupcake is then topped off with peanut butter frusting.


I think I made this at the beginning of July (might have been the very end of June, so it passes for this “July” themed blog post in my book) for the dessert I wanted to a barbeque where my hubby and I were, of course, the “vegans in the room”. It didn’t matter; we soon became the cool vegans who bring awesome can’t-believe-it’s-vegan baked goods to the par-tay! Enjoy the photos, drool a little (or a lot) and then go make this recipe!

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Have you guys and gals discovered any new vegan chocolate finds? Don’t leave me in the dark; let me know what you’ve spotted, tried, recommend, etc. I never grow tired of vegan goodies 🙂

P.S. If you’re craving more chocolate recipes, I started a new board on Pinterest!