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Pure Chocolate by Jinji box

I’m so fortunate to have a little circle of vegan friends where I live. Better yet, many of them are foodies like me. One such friend brought Pure Chocolate by Jinji to my attention. And I’ve got to tell you, these chocolates are some of the best I’ve had in a while.

The mission of Pure Chocolate by Jinji is holistic in nature; to bring delicious, glow-inducing, guilt-free chocolate that is free of refined sugars and dairy. Many of their chocolate products are also gluten free and raw. Most of them are vegan-friendly. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure, literally, to bring you this review. I love this statement from their website,

I wanted to create a chocolate that everyone loved, and was free of refined sugars and dairy.  I wanted it to be near magical, when eaten it would transport you to the most wonderful memories in your mind, filled with delicious smells, beautiful sights, harmonious sounds and of course, succulent. Pure succulence.

How beautiful is that? I have to tell you, the chocolates I sampled did indeed induce euphoria. The truffles and fudge were silky and smooth in texture, and perfectly flavorful without being overly rich. The chocolate-dipped figs and macaroons were delectable as well. I also bought a package of the chocolate-banana cocoa powder which combines a dash of sweetness and a hint of banana. (One can never have too much chocolate on hand, heehee.)

Here are the items I purchased:

  • dark chocolate-dipped figs
  • chocolate-dipped macaroons
  • peanut butter dark chocolate truffles
  • cinnamon “bun” white chocolate strawberry ganache truffles
  • salted caramel fudge
  • chocolate hazelnut fudge
  • chocolate covered bananas cocoa powder

Pure Chocolate by Jinji assorted chocolates

Pure Chocolate by Jinji 1Pure Chocolate by Jinji 2Pure Chocolate by Jinji 3

As much as I love, love lovvvvvvvve chocolate, can you guess which item was my favorite? First place goes to the salted caramel fudge which tasted like a perfect balance of dates, white chocolate, and touches of salt. There was a thin chocolate bottom, but the most forward flavor was the caramel flavor. God, it was heaven!! Second place, and this surprised even me, goes to the cinnamon “bun” truffle. The slightly sweet, slightly tart strawberry dusting on the outside was such a delightful contrast to the cinnamon flecks in the thick ganache. As blissful as all the other chocolate items were, and trust me, they were, the salted caramel fudge and cinnamon bun truffle were the showstoppers in my opinion.

If you have a chance to make it to Belvedere Square Market in Baltimore to try some of these products, do yourself a favor and treat yourself. It’s a very small storefront that Pure Chocolate by Jinji has in the market, but truly, what a treasure it is! Otherwise, you might try your hand at locating some of their other products at these locations in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas.

Pure Chocolate by Jinji chocolate figs Pure Chocolate by Jinji chocolate fig interior

Pure Chocolate by Jinji macaroonPure Chocolate by Jinji chocolate fudge

Pure Chocolate by Jinji cinnamon bunPure Chocolate by Jinji salted caramel fudge

Jinji cocoa powder

Thank you to my hubby for being a helpful food model and taste tester; I don’t think he minded 😉