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Go Max Go vegan chocolate bars review

I volunteer with VegNews Magazine and I was very fortunate to be thanked with a little assortment of Go Max Go chocolate bars. Many long-time vegans have already experienced the deliciousness of these vegan chocolate bars, but if you haven’t, you’ve gotta try them! I’ll give you the details on the ones I tried so that you can shop next time for the one that you think is best suited for your tastes.

First, these candy bars are not only vegan, but most of them are also gluten free. They are all non-GMO. Also, they don’t contain any artificial ingredients, so while they are plenty sweet, they are not overly sweet like so many candy bars these days that you see being passed around at Halloween. You know that sugary, artificial-y, kinda-makes-you-choke sweetness? Yeah, well, that’s not these chocolate bars. The crisp, but melt-in-your-mouth chocolate coating and the delicious combinations inside from nougat to caramel to nuts are, in my opinion, perfectly balanced in sweetness.

I was given the following bars: Snap, Thumbs Up, Jokerz, Buccaneer, Mahalo, and Twilight. Each one is very different and rivals some sort of conventional candy bar that we all probably grew up eating. For example, the Snap bar is similar to a Nestle crunch bar. Thumbs Up rivals a Butterfinger, Jokerz a Snickers, Buccaneer a Three Musketeers, Mahalo an Almond Joy, and Twilight a Milky Way.

Jokerz candy bar exterior

Jokerz candy bar interior

snap candy bar exterior

snap candy bar interior

buccaneer candy bar exterior

buccaneer candy bar interior

My favorite was the Twilight bar. I lovvvved the chewy but soft nougat topped with the most perfect, gooey, stringy caramel.

Twilight candy bar exterior

Twilight candy bar interior

My second favorite was the Mahalo bar. This baby actually tasted better than the Almond Joy (or at least what I remember it tasting like). The natural taste of the coconut was so heavenly! Lush coconut with smooth rice milk chocolate offset by a nice almond to crunch into – sooooo good!

mahalo candy bar interior


Growing up, the Three Musketeers bar was my favorite, but the Buccaneer, while very, very good, didn’t quite have that airiness to it that I recollect from my Musketeers Days. I was never a big Nestle crunch or Snickers fan, so those two fall last on my favorites list. Having said that, the Snap bar did have a nice snap and therefore, lived up to its name. The Jokerz bar is a pretty hefty candy bar, much like the Snickers. So I would say this particular candy bar is no joke 😉

The most impressive bar was the Thumbs Up, which isn’t brand new, but is Go Max Go’s most recent addition to their candy bar line. I didn’t favor it as much as the Twilight bar or the Mahalo bar, but…I was blown away by how well the GMG folks captured the essence of the Butterfinger.

Remember eating a Butterfinger? There was a strong “crack” to it when you broke it and when you looked inside, you could see the orange layers of the peanut butter, sort of like looking at layers within shale rock. And the taste of that crispy peanut butter in your mouth would have a tackiness to it whereupon you would always have to scrape a little bit off the back of your teeth. Does any of this ring a bell? I hope so, otherwise, I sound like a crazy person who ate and (over)analyzed one too many Butterfingers.

Well…the Thumbs up does showcase some peanut butter layers, has that same orange-y tint to it, that same peanut butter-y taste and that same tackiness! I couldn’t believe it; man, they nailed it!

thumby up candy bar exterior

thumbs up candy bar interior

I don’t understand how any omnivore could try these vegan chocolate bars and not decide, “Well, if these are cruelty free and just as yummy and satisfying, this is what I’ll choose from now on, even if I don’t give up eating other animal-sourced foods.”  I mean, it just seems silly to kill animals for something as trivial as candy! (I don’t believe in killing animals for any reason, obviously, but their death seems dually unreasonable when you think about animals being used for something like candy.)

Lastly, the only Go Max Go vegan candy product I did not include (because it wasn’t given to me) is their chocolate peanut butter cups, or as they call them, Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups. The vegan community is insistent that Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups are the best out there. But I truly, truly believe that Cleo’s blows Justin’s out of the water. Many times I’ve purchased Justin’s peanut butter cups only to find the peanut butter was too dry or so dehydrated it’s a crumbly, chalky mess. That has never happened to me when I buy Cleo’s peanut butter cups. So if you’re serious about vegan peanut butter cups, skip Justin’s and buy Cleo’s. Case closed.

If your local store does not stock Go Max Go vegan candy bars, ask them to. If you’re too shy to do that, or if stocking them is not a possibility according to the information from your grocer, then order Go Max Go candy online, my friends.

Which candy bar would you like to try? Or if you already have tried them, which is your favorite?

Thanks for reading, and happy snacking!