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Many of us know and love the prepared food products from Amy’s Kitchen. Many, many of the products are vegan-friendly, and having had quite a few myself, I can also say they are pretty delicious, too. Not that I’m a regular user of prepared foods, but when I’m traveling and need options, many grocery stores usually carry something from the Amy’s line whether it be a can of soup or a frozen food item.

Having given Amy’s their due praises, let me move on to the really great news: Amy’s now offers vegan-friendly ice cream!

amys kitchen vegan chocolate ice cream

I’ve seen these products at Giant (not to be confused with Giant Eagle) and also at my local natural foods store. The flavors options are chocolate, vanilla, chocolate mint, and some kind of mocha/coffee/chocolate chip flavor. I haven’t been able to find information about these products on the Amy’s website. Perhaps it’s because they are so new or it could be because last I heard, there’s a legal issue over the rights to the name. (There’s an Amy’s Ice Cream business in Austin, Texas.)

At any rate, I can assure you that if you see these non-dairy delights, they are pretty yummy. Being the chocoholic that I am, I sampled the (duh!) chocolate ice cream flavor.

amys kitchen vegan chocolate ice cream

The texture is a little less creamy than some brands (my favorite vegan ice cream is Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss!), but still, I don’t see anyone tasting this vegan ice cream and then immediately spitting it out saying, “Ugh! What is this?! This is horrible!!” If you’ve got a hankering for ice cream, this product will definitely do the trick. I wish I could say I sampled more of the flavors, but 1) I’m not at all interested in consuming the calories in sweets if it isn’t for chocolate 😉 and 2) the price point is high. As a specialty product, many vegan ice cream alternatives are a bit pricey. I’ve seen the Amy’s Kitchen ice cream products as high as $6.99. Worth it? Sure! But buying two of them — I can’t do that. My taste buds would thank me, but my wallet and my waistline would be less than happy.

At any rate, if you come across these new vegan ice creams, they’re worth trying! (And I would love to know what you think of the other flavors if you try them!) I love that we can support a small (but growing) family business like Amy’s by buying these particular products. I also appreciate that Amy’s is committed to non-GMO food use, has eliminated BPA use in their canned foods, and is sensitive to the needs of customers that are challenged by food allergies or who choose a specific dietary path.

Finally, how awesome is it to have so many vegan ice cream options popping up more and more frequently?! I love seeing the progress!

scoop of Amy's Kitchen vegan chocolate ice cream

Keep trying new vegan products and vote with your dollar that vegan foods are in demand.

What other new vegan products — food or not — have you guys seen that you are loving? I’d love to hear about them. Let’s keep each other informed and strengthen the vegan voice!