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If you’ve been following me on my new Facebook page, you might have seen my updates about how I caught a nasty bug. It was most likely the flu, but whatever it was, it knocked me on my b-u-t-t for a good week. But now that I’m almost back to 100%, my appetite and sweet tooth are back, too — a perfect time to bring you a new vegan-friendly chocolate review!

I’ve been following Chocholistic (Get it? Choc-holistic?!) on Facebook for a little while and have always been interested in ordering some of the raw chocolate bars that are produced by Kenzie Harrick. I just so happened to mention to her (via Facebook) that I would love to order some chocolate and do a review on my blog. Wouldn’t ya know — she was kind enough to send me a sample! Reviewing the Chocolistic bar is totally voluntary on my part; I’m not affiliated with the company and I was not paid. I’m doing it simply for the love of chocolate and to promote vegan-friendly chocolate options!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Chocholistic brand, it’s a small chocolate factory in Connecticut where the chocolate is handmade with superfood ingredients such as goji berries, mushrooms, chia seeds, coconut oil, lucuma and so much more. The superfoods in each bar varies depending on the type of chocolate bar you are eating. Not only is the chocolate full of superfood ingredients, but all of the Chocholistic bars are also vegan, raw, organic, non-gmo, soy/nut/gluten-free, allergy-free, kosher, and sugar-free. The chocolate is naturally dark, and sweetened only with natural sweeteners such as birch tree xylitol or trace amounts of stevia.

There are a few different bars, a variety pack, and even a Chocolate of the Month option! The bar I was sent was the Original Superfood bar.

Chocholistic Original Superfood chocolate bar

Check out how healthy this chocolate bar is!

A few bites of this bar is all you need to get your chocolate fix, although, for as healthy the ingredients of this bar are, you could indulge a little more and not have to feel a smidgen of guilt! Truly, though, a few bites is all even a die-hard chocolate lover like myself could handle. This particular bar is super dark and rich. There’s a smokiness, an earthiness, to this bar that I am sure stems from the use of a couple of varieties of mushroom (how cool is that?!). And because the bark is pure, raw dark chocolate, it has the natural bitterness that dark chocolate has, hence you only need a little bit. Check out the ingredients below — hello, superfoods 🙂








This is more of a savory chocolate bar; due the low-glycemic nature of this bar, it’s not overly sweet at all. I love that it has a bit of a crunch from the chia seeds (which you can see in the photo above), sort of like a super-healthy Nestle Crunch 😉  It also makes for a wonderful chocolate bar to pair with wine. I sampled my chocolate with a Merlot red wine. (A full-bodied red wine with a lot of spice, oak, and tannins would not have complemented this particular bar and my Merlot was mellow with hints of black cherry, chocolate and vanilla — perfect!).


I bet this particular bar — the Original Superfood — would be a great option to use in an entree such as a vegan chili dish or even in mole sauce! Oh man; I’ve just had this epiphany! I’m going to have to try it and then come back and update this blog post 🙂

Having sampled this unique chocolate bar, I would definitely try the other Chocholistic options, too. Other chocolate bar flavors are Mocha Chip, Goji Superfruit, Cacao Coconut, Herbal Mint, and even a SuperSlim bar. You, too, can try Chocholistic bars. You can shop the online store here.

A special thank you to Kenzie for tantalizing my taste buds with her delicious chocolate and to you all for reading! Be sure to check out the Chocolistic website and show your support by ordering some of their chocolate. By doing so you support a small business that is dedicated to bringing vegan, healthy chocolate to the masses — and that’s pretty darn awesome!