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I am just returning from a horrible sickness that kicked my b-u-t-t! It could have been the flu; it could have been something else. All I know is it knocked me down and out for a good while. Had I been healthy all the while, I would have brought you this post sooner. My birthday was on Januray 10th and The Humane League’s (Maryland Office) After-the-Holidays Party for the Animals was January 11. I was supposed to live it up all weekend—my birthday weekend. Alas, the final day of the birthday weekend culminated in a nasty bug. But I am grateful to be on the mend and bringing this recap to you later rather than never.

The birthday dinner was at Great Sage in Clarksville, MD, a place I love to go for brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, small plates/live music/half-price-wine-bottle night, whatever! I love the ambiance; the food is delicious, and the staff couldn’t be nicer. Best of all, it’s 100% vegan — no need to ask, “Is this vegan?”—love that!

The new winter menu is out and I thorougly enjoyed our choices. For the appetizer, we chose the oldie but goodie spring rolls, followed by two new entrees – Wild Mushroom Stroganoff and German Parsnip Sausages. Both were excellent! I can’t believe the “sausages” are made from parsnips!! For dessert I ordered my usual – the Chocolate Lava Cake (I’m the chocoholic, remember?) and my hubby ordered the newly added Figgy Pudding. Check out the slideshow below!


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On Saturday evening, January 11, the hubby and I attended The Humane League’s After-the-Holidays Party for the Animals. The Humane League’s local branch in Maryland organized the event and boy, did they do a beautiful job! The location, the 2640 Space, is actually a church space whose half-renovated motif added a very “shabby chic” ambience to the Baltimore location. Folks at The Humane League added a little more panache with lovely little light lanterns and strings of soft-glowing, white Christmas lights. In addition to supplying decor, many volunteers provide a variety of yummy, vegan finger foods and wine and beer. As if that wasn’t enough, Sweet Dukes, an all-vegan bakery, supplied delectable mini cupcakes, bars, and even cronuts!

Evening highlights included a silent auction (from which I won a few items, hooray; happy birthday to me!), a business update from The Humane League’s Aaron Ross, an enthusiastic and entertaining rally to leaflet from Jon Camp of Vegan Outreach, and an impassioned vegans-are-everywhere speech from one of my most favorite people in the vegan community, Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House. It was a fun, inspiring, and uplifting event that made me proud to be a part of a vibrant, flourishing vegan community.

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Aaron-speaking Jon-Camp-Vegan-Outreach Jasmin-Singer Jasmin-and-me

Animals-are-not-fabric-tshi eat-kale-not-cow-tshirt The-Lucky-Ones-book

Boy, does this party seem like such a long time ago, but days and days of being delirious with a fever and lack of sleep will do that to your personal timeline. However, I can say with definite certainty that the party was a great time and I hope that it was a wild success for The Humane League. Thank you to Aaron Ross and Kate St. John of the Maryland Office for organizing such a beautiful affair and for continuing to demonstrate their love and compassion for animals.

To support future Humane League efforts, you can visit their website and make a donation here.