Patric Chocolate Banana Split bar

Over the summer I visited the lovely city of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is a surprisingly vegan-friendly city! I wish more people knew about this, so much so that I even wrote a blog post about the food I was able to find there. Aside from the good vegan food and tourist-y things to do, I also found a chocolate/candy shop. (Of course I did! Me? Pass up a chocolate shop?!) There were all kinds of handmade chocolate goodies, artisan chocolatier brands, cookies, candies, and just so much decadence crammed into one little shop. It was amazing, and it smelled like sugar and heaven. I will tell you up front that it wasn’t a vegan chocolate shop, but there were many chocolate brands and bars there that were vegan-friendly. One brand that I previously had no experience with but happened to have a few vegan options was Patric Chocolate.

Now, these artisanal chocolates can be pretty pricey, so when I do splurge, I usually stick to the one item that stands out. So I chose to purchase a limited edition “Banana Split” bar. It’s described on the package as “Our best selling PBJ bar decorated with sliced banana chips and sea salt.”

Whaaaaaaaat?!!!! SOLD!

This chocolate bar was amazing! A perfect balance of smooth dark chocolate with notes of the peanut butter, and the salty-sweet enjoyment from the banana slices and sea salt. Oh. my. goodness! (I couldn’t taste the jelly as in the “PBJ” description, but with all that other bliss happening in my mouth, I sure as heck didn’t care; I didn’t even miss it.)

I didn’t see Patric Chocolate listed anywhere in the Food Empowerment Project chocolate list and it would be wonderful if the folks at Patric Chocolate, if they are reading this, would let us chocolate lovers know if they are making efforts to avoid child slavery (or any kind of slavery) in their cocoa harvesting. Based on the information on the Patric Chocolate website, it seems they do have an interest in fair trade and sustainability practices – all of which you can read about here.

If you ever come across this bar, get it and savor it. It’s almost too beautiful to eat, but I got over that pretty quickly 🙂




How beautiful are those banana chips resting delicately in that smooth dark chocolate!