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Welcome back to part 3 of my adventures from this past summer. If you missed my previous posts, no worries. Here’s part 1, and part 2.

As you can tell from the title of this post, the next place I ventured to was…Philadelphia. Or, Philly, yo! 😉

I was lucky to have my friend, Kristin (also known as The High Impact Vegan), and also a Philadelphia-vegan-food-scene connoisseur, show me around vegan-style.

We’re fortunate that we only live about 2 hours outside of Philly, so we drove into the city and stayed overnight in a really chic hotel (thank you, Living Social!). If you ever want a nice place to stay in Philadelphia, surrounded by beautiful and historic Philadelphia architecture, check out Le Meridien Philadelphia.

After we arrived and checked in to the hotel, we hoofed it to our first stop: sustenance at Hip City Veg!

Hip City Veg is 100% vegan and hits the spot for that burger-and-fries craving. But they also offer a lovely juice, just to round out the “naughty” stuff. 😉 Be sure to check out the photos below featuring a kale-lemonade juice, the “Ziggy” burger, and sweet potato fries!

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It was a beautiful day in the city, so we spent the next few hours walking around and just taking in the sights. Plus, we had dinner reservations for that evening, so we wanted to make some room for more vegan yumminess.

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We saw plenty of beautiful architecture; more beautiful than I expected. I know some people either love or hate Philadelphia. I have to say, there’s plenty to love if you simply walk around.

But there’s plenty to love inside, too. Especially if you have dinner reservations, as we did, at Vedge.

Vedge is famous for putting vegetables front and center as the star of your dinner entree. And the vegetables are always fresh and in season. The cocktails are unique while being both sophisticated and playful, and the wine is impeccably selected. Even the desserts are made in-house and challenge your palate in new and exciting ways. The best part: everything is vegan!

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Dining at Vedge was a beautiful experience. It was a lovely combination of fresh, delicious vegan food presented in an elegant setting where everything feels like it’s truly special; the art of creating food is being honored.

Finally, before we left the city of brotherly love, we decided to stop at Grindcore House coffee shop – a 100% vegan coffee house complete with appropriate breakfast pastries, including a few options from Vegan Treats! Now, I grew up in the suburbs and I currently live in the suburbs. So the slightly goth vibe and somewhat psychedelic wall art was a little bit different from my normal dining scene. But we should never judge a book by it’s cover. The service was good, the setting clean, and the food, well, it was 100% vegan, so how can that be anything but awesome?!

Grindcore House coffee shop Philadelphia

Overall, the summer trip to Philadelphia was great fun! Your takeaway, dear readers, is to spend some time in Philadelphia yourself. If you are able, go for a day trip, a weekend, whatever. There’s so much history, beautiful architecture, vegan-friendly food everywhere – what more could you need for some good memories and good food?

What about you guys? Do you have a recent story about your vegan-friendly travels? I’m always looking for my next adventure 😉