Thanks for reading today, and if you missed it, be sure to check out the first part of my summer adventures too.

After I’d had my fair share of the beach this summer, I made my way back to city life. I have some friends in Pittsburgh whom I haven’t seen for quite a while, so I wanted to visit them and the city they call home. I’d actually never been to Pittsburgh, so it was doubly awesome to see some old college buddies and check out Pittsburgh as well!

Much to my surprise, Pittsburgh is an amazingly vegan-friendly city; I couldn’t believe it! My Happy Cow app had endless options! I probably gained 5 pounds just from visiting Pittsburgh alone. I have lots of food photos and site-seeing photos to share with you, but before I do, full disclosure: None of the food I ate was particularly healthy. It was indulgent and wonderful and I would absolutely recommend eating at any of the places we patronized. All I’m sayin’ is watch your waist 😉

Our first tourist site was checking out the Duquesne Incline. This historic and still-functional passenger incline will take you up, up, and away to a beautiful scenic overlook of Pittsburgh. It’s only about 2 minutes to go up the incline, so it’s a short trip up. The weather was perfect and it was a great start to our weekend. Here’s a few quick shots.




Dinner that night was from Spak Brothers. This place may not look like much on the inside or outside, but their food is rockin’. They are not an exclusively vegan joint, but they have plenty of vegan options. We ordered a vegan cheese and veggie pizza, barbeque seitan wings (which really looked more like nuggets), and a seitan and vegan cheese version of a cheesesteak. While my pictures depict how messy the food was, make no mistake it was delicious! Great “beer food” to take home so you can eat, drink, and relax.

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The next day was another day of beautiful weather. The hubby and I decided to spend the day going through the trails of Schenely Park. The park is quiety situated in this busy city and offers so much to do – hike, bike, run, or trail run. It’s beautiful, quiet, well-kept, and there are even little creeks that run throughout it. What a gem nestled right in Pittsburgh!

Schenley Park Schenley Park

me in Schenley Park

me in Schenley Park

After spending a couple of hours walking around, we had worked up a bit of an appetite. Much to our delight, right next to the part of Schenley Park we were walking through was Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. After snapping countless photos of their outdoor flower beds and water pools, we walked into the little visitors center. Now check this out, the visitors center had a cafe with vegan options on the menu! We ordered a hummus sandwich with a quinoa salad as well as an apple and walnut salad with balsamic viniagrette. (Come to think of the it, the salad included feta cheese, which we asked for them to leave off). Also, their bread is vegan-friendly and so yummy! (Um, is there such a thing as not yummy bread?!)

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Because my Pittsburgh friends are so cultured, and not just foodie folks like us, we actually visited a few art museums too. We went to the Andy Warhol museum

Andy Warhol museum

…and The Mattress Factory art museum. I don’t have too many pictures because 1) There’s no photography inside the Warhol museum and 2) because The Mattress Factory art museum focused much more on hands-on types of installations. So ya know, ya gotta respect the art and not flash that photography. But I did snap a few pics of the semi-creepy headless statuettes in The Mattress Factory outdoor space (which is quite lovely!)

The Mattress Factory Art Museum outside

The Mattress Factory Art Museum outside


And finally, the last place we ate out, which I am sooo dismayed I have no photos of is an antique shop/secondhand shop/art gallery/restaurant (hard to believe, I know) called Zenith. On Sundays, they have a breakfast buffet that is to die for. People literally line up around the block to be one of the first waves of patrons to get in the door. If you happen to make your way to Pittsburgh, please check out this eclectic shop serving some wonderful vegan food. It’s probably the best-kept foodie secret in town!

So there’s my Pittsburgh adventures. I had no idea a small city nestled in the mountains of PA offered such a phenomenal mix of both city and suburbs. I hope I make it back there again soon. It was educational, wonderful, beautiful, and of course, yummy!