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Happy Mother’s Day! My mommy lives in another state than me, so I spent last weekend visiting with her in the Bethany Beach area instead. We made no formal plans leading up to the visit and as the weather was still too cool and windy to spend a day on the beach, we decided to tour Assateague Island via car.

Assateague Island is the home of wild horses. They’re beautiful to see in their natural setting of the Eastern shore and marshes. There are places to get out and walk around, enjoy a picnic lunch, or even camp. But there are also plenty of signs in the park area warning visitors not to get too close to the horses as they will kick and bite.

Because it was so windy, we drove through the park instead of walking around. So you will have to excuse the photos that are from inside the car. To be honest, had we been outside walking around, I would have been a little nervous. While these wild ponies aren’t huge horses, they are still wild and it’s an intense feeling to be only a few feet from them. Nonetheless, I was still able to appreciate their beauty from a little farther away.











As we were leaving the island, there was one more pony that had wandered out from the reeds to nibble on some grass. I could have reached out the window and been almost close enough to pet it. So beautiful. I hope you can make it there some day.

Thank you, Mom, for sharing this day with me!