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Wow. Hard to believe Easter was a week ago! Spring is here and already time is flying! While it might seem silly to share what I made for Easter dessert, you’ll soon see that there’s always room for peanut butter cups.

Alicia Silverstone is the author of The Kind Diet (not to mention a super-famous actress), as I am sure you already may know . Her website is also beautiful and chock-full of vegan recipes and advice on vegan living. But I digress. Allow me to get back to the real star of this blog post: the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

I’m the only vegan in my family. I am fortunate that all the members of my family are very supportive of my choices and are open to trying the vegan dishes I bring along for family gatherings. It helps if I choose a dish that is sure to be loved by all, such as the chocolate peanut butter cups on The Kind Life website. The only bummer is that it’s hard to find vegan graham crackers that don’t taste like crap. Sorry for the harsh reality, but that’s the truth. So I decided this year to forego the traditional topping in the recipe and utilize Annie’s chocolate bunny grahams instead! Not only are they accidentally vegan-friendly, but um, hello! Chocolate graham crackers! And how appropriate to have bunnies decorating the dessert for the Easter celebration. Needless to say, they were a hit. Admittedly, my photos aren’t nearly as gorgeous and impressive as the photos on The Kind Life website, but hey, does it really matter? They tasted delicious and that’s what counted.

Trust me, if you haven’t made these particular peanut butter cups, you should. And, don’t forget: they practically fill a cupcake liner, so they’re a decent size. One of these is sure to fill your belly and your craving for something a little decadent and naughty.

Finally, I promised a chocolate review. I recently enjoyed a 200-calorie dark chocolate treat. Endangered Species makes chocolate that gives back to various causes, depending on the theme of the bar. For example, I purchased this item:

Endangered Species 70% organic dark chocolate

As you can see, there’s a butterfly on the wrapper, so some of the money for purchasing this bar goes to conservation of the butterfly. See the note that appears on the inside of the wrapper:

Endangered Species wrapperFurthermore, the organic dark chocolate is also approved by The Food Empowerment Project, so you can enjoy your chocolate and know that your chocolate fix is ethically-sourced and harvested as well.

I enjoyed this little treat with some red wine, a petite syrah to be exact, and it paired very nicely with it. This particular dark chocolate is not overly bitter. Rather, it actually had a little bit of a smokiness to it. That was a new sensation for me, so I don’t know if I would get it again. My bar didn’t look “old” when I had opened it, and it wasn’t on the shelf near anything that would have affected the flavor profile (chocolate is prone to absorbing odors if not wrapped and stored properly). So I think what I tasted was the intentional taste of this particular bar. While it wasn’t one of my more favorite chocolate taste tests, I managed to finish it 😉

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. If you have any thoughts about what you read today, be sure to let me know – especially if you think there’s a vegan-friendly chocolate item you think I should check out! Remember, friends don’t let friends miss out on vegan chocolate.
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