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Last weekend, my husband celebrated his 1-year vegan-versary! Yippee! Earlier in the month of February we tried to pinpoint when exactly he had gone vegan. Since we weren’t sure of the exact date, we figured it was likely somewhere in the neighborhood of February 24. February, being a short month, flew by for us. And on the morning of February 24, the hubby called from another room:

Hubby: “Hey, babe?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Hubby: “What’s today’s date?”

Me: “February 24…Sunday.”

Hubby: (pausing) “It’s my veganversary!”

Me: “Oh my gosh!!!! Is it?! Oh my goodness!!!”

Obviously, even though we had “prepared” for this date, I wasn’t actually prepared to celebrate. A problem I planned on rectifying. So for brunch, we went to our local vegan restaurant, Great Sage, and had a lovely brunch. When we came home, we spent our day business as usual. However, I knew I wanted to find an easy, yet delicious cupcake recipe with awesome icing. I have a great many vegan cookbooks and recipes for chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream (his request, which you know I was TOTALLY cool with being the chocoholic that I am), but I actually had spotted a vegan food blog and recipe from that blog that I really wanted to try. Enter Tasha Edwards and her fabulous food blog, “The Sweetest Vegan.” This chic even has a something called “The Cupcake Project”! So of course, to mark my hubby’s momentous occassion, I wanted to try her chocolate cupcake recipe with chocolate buttercream frosting. Let me assure you, it did not disappoint! I lovvvved the chocolate cake: perfectly chocolately and moist. The buttercream frosting was amazing too! There was plenty to frost your cupcakes AND have enough leftover to eat from the bowl! (Um…not that I would know…or something.) The only adjustments I would make this recipe are: 1) I didn’t need to bake my cupcakes quite as long as the recipe directs, but I know how hot my oven typically runs and 2) I cut back on the powdered sugar just a tad because I was running low, and the buttercream frosting STILL was amazing!

baked vegan chocolate cupcakes vegan chocolate buttercream frosting IMG_0910 vegan chocolate cupcake

I highly encourage you to peruse her website. She even has a project called “Veganize Me” which shows you how to veganize popular McD’s menu items, if you’re into that type of food. I think it might actually come in handy in an effort to convert others to veganism, which is great. Not to mention, she has a YouTube video and her personality is sweet and bright and I think you’ll really like what Tasha has going on over at The Sweetest Vegan.

BY THE WAY!!! Did you know there’s a proper way to eat a cupcake?! Turns out, there IS a right and a wrong way to eat a cupcake! But I say no matter how you do it, just eat the darn thing! Here’s what I did to personally mix things up. Go ahead, play with your food!

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