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This past week I had a birthday, which was not a major milestone, so I kept my birthday pretty simple. I never expect cards or gifts anymore at my age, but….my big sister gave me the cutest coffee mug, which I of all people especially appreciate! (See below) Also, a dear friend of mine treated me to a wonderful lunch at a local organic, vegan cuisine restaurant called Great Sage. I thought that was going to be my whole birthday: a simple night preceded by a lovely lunch date. However, she surprised me with two gifts! The pictures below show you the totally AWESOME treats she spoiled me with!

coffee mug

cake pop maker

Artisan Vegan Cheese

On another note, starting tomorrow, my husband and I are going to do a 7-day raw food challenge. We’re not following any particular plan, just making the commitment to eating raw food for 7 days. I will confess, in case any raw food devotees stumble upon this blog, that we do not have a dehydrator, so we are cheating a little bit and using our convection oven which will only go as low as 150 degrees. (Raw food should not be heated above 115 degrees.) But for the most part we will be eating sprouted beans and grains, fresh fruits, salads, green smoothies, nuts, and the occasional Raw Revolution bar. I’m a little bit nervous only because I have never committed to eating raw exclusively. Will I feel any withdrawl symptoms, experience “problems in the restroom”, or will I feel totally energized and surprisingly amazing?! I will certainly be reporting on it in an upcoming blog, so be sure to check back in a week!

But before I embark on this little endeavour, I made sure to enjoy one of my favorite weekend breakfasts: pancakes! My go-to pancake recipe is rather simple, I will admit. It’s a simple flour, plant milk, salt and baking powder recipe. 4 ingredients! That’s it. It is based on PCRM’s recipe for blueberry pancakes. I have encountered many vegan pancake recipes that call for oil, plant-based butter, or other “enrichers” to the batter. However, I prefer to keep my batter simple and add my own enhancements at the end, such as Earth Balance butter, vegan chocolate, syrup, peanut butter, etc. Plus, by keeping the batter simple, you never have to have any “special” ingredients on-hand. Simply whip it up, and toss in whatever add-ins you prefer or top the pancakes with your favorite toppings. When I made my pancakes this morning, I added in some Theo’s 70% dark chocolate bar (a brand approved by the Food Empowerment Project) broken into pieces and then topped them with a little bit of Earth Balance and maple syrup. I promise you, it’s yum yum yummy! Until next time, take care and eat pancakes!

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