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Hi, Friends!

It’s great to be back and sharing my updates with you through this blog. I’ve missed posting and am hoping to return to a normal blogging schedule in 2013. Speaking of that, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Cupcake

yummy vegan cupcake from Sweet Avenue Bakeshop in Rutherford, NJ (as seen on my Instagram profile)

It was great to visit my family down in southern Maryland for Christmas, then spend a day at home before I went up north to visit my in-laws in Northern New Jersey. We were only up there for a couple of days, but found time to stop by a treasured vegan bakery as well as test out at an all-vegetarian Asian cuisine restaurant called Veggie Heaven, which was amazing! (Why can’t more places model these local businesses?!) I even was blessed to experience a beautiful snowfall in New Jersey; we didn’t have any snow last winter where I live! Finally, I came home to the Baltimore/DC area to spend a very quiet and calm New Year’s eve at home.


snow in Paramus, NJ

snow in New Jersey snow in New Jersey

I took so many photos of the food and treats I enjoyed (too much) and am anxious to share them with you! Enjoy the slideshows below…warning: don’t look at these if you’re hungry, hee hee.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As if the food and travel I experienced wasn’t enough, Santa Claus was overly generous with me this year. I was given a Susan Nichole handbag and wallet, a Tofu Xpress, the new book Vegan Food Gifts, and even a pressure cooker! I don’t know what I did this past year to deserve such amazing presents, but by Santa’s judgement, I guess I was a good(ish) girl!

Vegan Food Gifts by Jonie Marie Newman

a wonderful gift-giving book with yummy recipes to boot!

Tofu Xpress

I didn’t know what my vegan pantry was missing out on ’til I recieved this!

Susan Nichole purse and wallet

Totally fashionable and compassionate accessories!

Well, that’s a lot of updates and a lot of photos! I do hope that if you are traveling thru Northern New Jersey you might consider visiting these lovely vegan-friendly local businesses. More importantly, I hope you yourself had happy holidays and you are entering the new year with much health and happiness! I did not officially create any “resolutions” but I am hoping to continue with blogging and sharing more updates about vegan food, vegan chocolate (of course!) and any information that I think will be useful to all of us. We’re in this together, so let’s make 2013 a great year for veganism!