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It’s a busy time of year and my email and social media are being flooded with gift guides, gift ideas, super sales and more. It’s actually very exciting and is giving me lots of fodder for gift ideas because sometimes ya just don’t have a clue what to give someone. So if you’re like me and you are gift-hunting, I thought it would be perfect to consolidate all those gift guides into one place! I hope there’s a good representation here from all the wonderful vegan and non-vegan businesses that both offer gifts appropriate for that special veg person in your life. Feel free to leave other ideas in the comments or link to great gift guides you yourself have come across.

  1. This gift guide from Magnifeco appeared in my inbox—-no idea how—-but they have some lovely items in their gift guide and are worth checking out if you’ve never come across their brand before. A good “variety” collection for all the people on your list.
  2. Check out the 2012 VegNews Holiday Gift Guide with great gift ideas for foodies—-hello, chocolate gifts! This guide is especially cool because there are great coupon codes included! And don’t forget that a subscription to this AWESOME vegan lifestyle magazine is a great gift in itself!
  3. Easy homemade gift ideas from The Blissful Chef—-um, chocolate ebook anyone?!?!
  4. Sign up a veg-curious friend or family member for Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s 30 Day Vegan Challenge! It’s SO affordable and she’s incredible (as I know you know!). Heck, it’s such a great price and such a cool program, gift one to yourself!
  5. So, this wasn’t a “gift guide” exactly, but it’s a great idea: Donate to an animal sanctuary or adopt a sanctuary animal in the name of the person you’re shopping for. This is an especially good way to give a gift without all the materialism or wasting any materials!
  6. For the little kids, check out Ruby Roth’s vegan children’s books. (Okay, I admit, I wouldn’t mind one of these adorable books myself!)
  7. If you don’t want to have people give you gifts because you’re already feeling so blessed in your life, ask them to give a donation to your favorite veg organization or podcast! Many podcasts are 100% listener-supported, so consider giving a donation! One of my favorite podcasts, Our Hen House, even has an etsy shop so that you can shop for gifts and have the proceeds go towards supporting their efforts!
  8. The folks over at MindBodyGreen have put together a collection of gifts perfect for the wellness warrior!
  9. Health Bitch Daily has some great gift ideas and I would be lying if I didn’t admit the boxer briefs featured here are pretty sexy—-if you find it sexy to have a vegan dude in your life who looks good in boxer briefs! They weren’t kidding when they deemed this the “unboring” gift guide.
  10. Vegan Cuts is the shiz! Not only do they bring us great prices and deals year ’round, but they have a round-up of gifts for all kinds of personalities—-health nuts, fashion mavens, fellas and more! And that Holiday Care Package…um, sign me up for that, Santa!
  11. Examiner.com put this guide out in November, but in case you haven’t seen it, they have vegan gift ideas broken down by price if you’re on a tight budget this year!
  12. Why should I be surprised to see a gift guide from Vegan Mainstream. After all, they’re “Vegan Mainstream”—-the title says it all. Duh. Another extensive guide and something for everyone for sure!
  13. Aw, you guys…what kind of vegans would we be if we didn’t have gifts picked out for our adorable companion animals?! Leave it to the lovely BlogHer community to assemble these unique gift ideas for the loveable animal in your life! (Funny videos included!)
  14. STOP THE PRESSES! SHUT UP! Pure Food and Wine/One Lucky Duck introduces the Frozen Dessert Box! ‘Nough said!
  15. Now that my heart has resumed a normal pulse, we can continue with the next gift guide. This came across my inbox and I just had to share. I grew up with a beagle-mix pup and so of course I hope someone will take advantage of the Beagle Freedom Project shop goods and support this organization’s efforts to get this adorable breed out of test laboratories where they are often kept, never seeing the light of day.
  16. Just wanted to share these gift ideas from This Dish is Veg—-both to give you gift ideas and have you check out a great website!
  17. Cookbooks are ALWAYS a great gift idea! These are some standout cookbooks from this past year that are sure to please any recipient!
  18. One of my favorite vegan food blogs with great photography by Angela Liddon is Oh She Glows. So when she came up with her holiday gift ideas, I knew I just had to pass it along!
  19. For the foodie in your life who has a special love for healthy eating, check out One Green Planet’s collection of food gifts, broken down by price points too!
  20. Finally, an email update I looked forward to receiving for some time and recently released is the Herbivore Clothing Company Staff Picks for the holidays! If I lived in their neck of the woods, I’d wanna work with this lot 😉
  21. Lastly, and this is my personal two-cents for gift ideas, don’t forget that hugs, kisses, compassion and good-will toward men can be offered freely at any time. So try and find it in your heart to give those things freely this holiday season!
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