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I’m writing this post after a day of chilly but sunny fall weather, where having the clocks go back meant it was brighter than usual when we began our day. After a lovely morning, I spent the day with my hubby window shopping at the mall to check out holiday store preparations and cash in on a few gift cards for some cold weather, work-appropriate apparel. We came back home and had a yummy stir fry of tempeh and veggies with an orange sauce for dinner. It had been a lovely day.

Except, I kept thinking about the victims of Hurricane Sandy. But I actually was not worrying about the human victims. Don’t get me wrong–I have family and friends in New Jersey as I lived there for four years. I also have friends in New York City. Even if I didn’t know a single soul personally, I still felt heartbroken for people that lost practically (or actually) everything they had. But there’s a part of me that knows, the way things stand in society right now in 2012, human beings will always have someone come to their aid. After all, we’re the top of the totem pole. We have voices that we can use to ask for help, encourage help, organize efforts, or even protest if efforts are not up to par. And if you’re blessed to be born in the great United States of America, well then, you’re already living a much better life than most. And I should say, I’m so touched by the aid that IS coming to people in devastated areas, whether it’s thru donations, NYC Marathon-bound runners volunteering to instead help the city in light of the marathon cancellation, or by any other means.

But I know in time, and here’s the kicker, with people being patient and working together in this overly-convenienced society we’ve created, we can make it thru these perilous times because we have our voices and elected officials to organize relief efforts and volunteers to give of their time/money/donations.

So right now, my heart is with the animals—the other victims of Hurricane Sandy. Their world was turned upside-down without warning because they didn’t understand what it meant to watch the news and prepare for a disaster. Now, many of them are separated from their families and must feel very afraid because they don’t have the ability to express their fear, or to ask questions, or to put up flyers for their “Missing Family.” I even read laboratory animals (mostly mice) perished because they couldn’t be saved in time. What other animals couldn’t be saved?…

Some will think I am crazy to consider the animals. But I can’t help it now that my life is on a different path as a vegan.

So today I want to use my blog to encourage people to help all victims in any way they can. We bought these “Restore the Shore” t-shirts to support the New Jersey area post-Sandy. To help the animals that have been displaced and are now being cared for in shelters and to give to the Disaster Relief Fund, please visit The Humane Society page.

HSUS rescues dog "Sandy"

image from humanesociety.org