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So, I mentioned in the beginning of this blog’s inception that there would be talk of chocolate. And yet, with a few posts already under my belt, I realized I have not blogged about that most sacred of topics! Some chocoholic I am! Having realized the error of my ways, I want to share with you a little chocolate experience I had over the summer.

It all began when I attended The Seed: A Vegan Experience this past June in NYC. Among the many presentations I attended there, one of my favorites was the chocolate cooking demo by none other than Fran Costigan. I must confess, I don’t think I learned a thing. Not because Ms. Costigan wasn’t amazing or a great teacher or that there was a problem with the sight lines or her mic or anything–no, it wasn’t any of those things. The problem was just that I was so starstruck at being in the close proximity of THE Fran Costigan. However, in the midst of my stupor, I was conscious enough to hear her make mention of a little salt/chocolate/flower shop in Manhattan called “The Meadow.” She was praising their specialty chocolate collection and I immediately decided, “Okay, as soon as we are done our day here, we make one last pit stop at this chocolate shop and THEN we can head back to Maryland!” My dear husband is such a great sport! (And even he can’t deny he was interested in finding this little chocolate haven!)

Upon opening the little shop door of The Meadow, you are immediately transported to a miniature apothecary of salts, chocolates and flowers. The left wall is lined with shelves of chocolate varieties, the right wall with salt varieties and the two areas separated by a table of lovely vases of flowers just beckoning to be wrapped in brown paper bouquets and carted off to any urban space in need of a kiss of nature. The shop decor consists (among other things) of bulk blocks of himalayan pink sea salt placed whimsically amongst the shop space or balanced smartly in the front window. Of course, my eye was drawn to the wall of chocolate–with many brands which I had never seen before. I was also most impressed and appreciative that the shop employee was very helpful in directing me to the dark chocolate-dedicated shelves after I explained I was vegan and was searching for chocolate that would fit within the guidelines of my vegan lifestyle. There were no lack of choices, I assure you!

While I was perusing the chocolate, and dabbing away at my tears of joy, my husband was admiring the salt wall. I tore my gaze away from the chocolate shrine just long enough to notice the variety of colors decorating the salt shelves. Who knew there were so many choices?! In all, it was quaint and lovely and charming and a foodie’s dream! I hope if you have time in New York, that you might pop in. If not, please check out their website. You can even order their stock online! The bars I decided to buy are below (first image courtesy of The Meadow) and they were FAB-U-LOUS!

Until next time, happy chocolate nibbling! And if you check out The Meadow’s website, be sure to tell me what you think!

Byrne & Carlson Orange Cherry Chocolate bar

Semi-sweet chocolate PLUS candied orange and cherries…um…yes!!!

Bovetti Dark Chocolate with Cocoa BeansBovetti Dark Chocolate with Cocoa BeansBovetti Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Beans