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In my first blog post, I mentioned how much I love reading blogs. I find them informative, creative, a friendly way to get my day started as I sip my morning coffee, or a good way to decompress from a long day. That having been said, there are a few specific blogs that I always tune in for or even subscribe to. I know most people have a blogroll somewhere on their own blog page and that’s it. However, you’re probably thinking, “Why would you send readers to a blog other than your own?” But these bloggers helped me find a way to make sense of my vegan lifestyle when everyone else around me thought it was maybe a fad or weird. In their own way, these bloggers have helped lead me to my own blog. Therefore, I would be remiss if I didn’t give them some props. And in the event you are searching for some guidance yourself, you need to know there are wonderful voices out there ready and willing to help you find your own!

So without further ado, here are my favorite websites/blogs:

  1. JL Goes VeganJL Fields of JLGoesVegan.comI stumbled upon JL Fields’ blog one day when I was at work–in an very unhappy job environment. I read her story, and her courage to make some major life changes in her own professional life are what helped give me the confidence to do so myself. I finally had the great fortune to meet her this past June in NYC at “The Seed: A Vegan Experience” and she actually remembered me (from an email I had sent her during my professional turmoil)! She was warm and friendly and I felt so lucky to have shared a dialogue with her!
  2. Our Hen HouseJasmin Singer & Mariann Sullivan of OurHenHouse.orgI discovered these women via VegNews magazine and thought, “Who the heck are these women?” Well let me tell you–they are Vegan Animal Rights mavens! They are so intelligent and passionate about using their veganism as a way to give a voice (or two in their case) to the voiceless–the animals. I had the extreme honor of meeting the both of them at “The Seed: A Vegan Experience” as well–and I was starstruck! Not only do they have a daily blog, but also a very extensive website with tons of information and most of all, my FAVORITE podcast in the world! They have a new podcast every Saturday that I can’t wait to download–as if I needed another reason to love Saturdays–with AR news, diverse interviews, and generally fun musings about their journey as ethical vegans. Subscribe to everything they offer immediately!
  3. Colleen Patrick-GoudreauColleen Patrick Goudrea of CompassionateCooks.comColleen Patrick-Goudreau is probably the “Queen Bee” in the vegan world. She’s an ethical vegan who you have no chance of out-smarting. She is so well-spoken and does amazing research that you can’t fool her with one of those, “So if you were stuck on an island and all you had available for food was a goat, would you…” Nah-ah! None of that, folks! She is an accomplished writer, cookbook author (no vegan cookbook library is “official” without one of her many amazing cookbooks), also has an A-MAY-ZING podcast, and…is the creator of The 30-Day Vegan Challenge online program that helps people heathfully and soundly navigate a vegan lifestyle. In other words, she’s done it all and will continue to pioneer the way for us I am sure!
  4. High Impact VeganHighImpactVegan.comMy friend, Kristin Linde of The High Impact Vegan, was the first blogger I had ever known. She was (and is) one of my very first vegan friends. She is an entrepreneur and has had her own business since she was in college. She’s a go-getter, super smart and super bubbly. She’s been a wealth of knowledge, support and encouragement while I was making sense of my own vegan path. She remains a huge inspiration and has left her own little handprint on my heart.
  5. Oh She GlowsAngela Liddon of OhSheGlows.comI honestly believe Angela Liddon is the “sweetheart” of vegan blogs. She touches upon it all–veganism, health, fitness, cooking, food photography, pet companions, travel–all with that “glowing” smile. I love that she’s not JUST a food blogger, but she incorporates her love of her healthy vegan food, her hubby, her cat and running (the very same loves of my life) in her own blog. Oh, and her food photography is enough to make you lick your computer screen!
  6. Chocolate Covered KatieKatie Higgins of ChocolateCoveredKatie.comKatie may not use the word “vegan” all the time in her food blog, but I don’t really have a problem with that, because if it wasn’t for her chocolate recipes (and more), I wouldn’t have found a way to healthfully indulge in my sweet tooth. I mentioned before that I am obsessed with chocolate and if it weren’t for her recipes (with nutritional information oftentimes), I would be diving off the deep end in vegan chocolate. So basically I owe Katie for helping me work my sweet tooth into my vegan lifestyle. ‘Nough said!
  7. VegNewsVegNews.comIf you have never heard of the magazine VegNews, or have never been to their website, GET THEE TO A NEWSSTAND! VegNews is the #1 reason I decided to go vegan. I was curious about veganism, had been vegetarian, and then decided I wanted to volunteer as part of their 2011 VegNews Street Team. I figured if I wanted to be selected, I needed to go vegan. When I sent in my essay/application, and found out I was selected to be a volunteer Street-Teamer, I knew I had to quit my vegetarian ways and go full-on vegan. I couldn’t be a hypocrite, now could I? And I haven’t looked back since. They had a couple of different blogs on their website, but have since transitioned to one uniform base on Tumblr. Their publication and website are simply AWESOME! Get in the know and get yourself some VegNews if you haven’t already!
  8. The PPKIsa Chandra Moskowitz of ThePPK.comMaybe you’ve heard of a few cookbooks called “Veganomicon” or “Appetite for Reduction” or “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.” If you haven’t, we can’t be friends anymore. Teehee, just kidding! But if you know these cookbooks, then you MUST have heard of the one and only…ISA CHANDRA MOSKOWITZ!!! Her website/blog is one of the first sites I ever visited as a vegan. (I just love all those gold stars all over her site, don’t you?! Totally punk rock without the scary loudness.) When I didn’t know how to cook vegan recipes (okay, I am STILL not a great cook), she was my rescuer. At Thanksgiving time, her Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf impressed many a taster and my family STILL makes mention of her Peanut Butter Chocolate Pillows. Yes, chocolate (my fave) and peanut butter–I said it. Now go check out that link and die of happiness and indulgence. God Bless you, Isa!
  9. Save the KalesJaime K of SaveTheKales.comOkay, get ready for this–not only is Jaime K a food blogger, but she has a Save The Kales Vegan Cooking show on YouTube!!! How awesome is that?! This girl inspires me because not only because she is so freaking retro-ishly cute, but you can just tell the sky is the limit when it comes to her passions. Also, as a side note, I have a special place in my heart for her because before I graduated from my alma mater, I started out at an all-girls private college right near Bethlehem, PA–where Jaime hails from. So even though we’ve never met, I feel like in a weird way we are already connected. Tune in to her blog AND her YouTube channel!
  10. The Vegans HusbandTheVegansHusband.Wordpress.comOkay, I guess I saved the best for last. Even though I went vegan with no intention of converting my omnivore husband, not only did he decide to go vegan, but he began blogging about it before me! He had been encouraging me to do the same because I would constantly say, “Take a picture for your blog!” or “Hey! This would be a great idea for the blog!” and he would always answer, “You need to start your own blog already.” But I simply lacked the confidence. But then I realized, if he can do it–the very LAST person I expected to start a vegan blog–then I can do it too. As always, he continues to surprise and inspire me.

So there you have it folks–the people and voices who have inspired me, and made a lasting impression on my heart forever. I would be happy to know you are already familiar with most of these blogs but even happier to learn I have actually given you some new friendly faces to check out. If there are other websites/bloggers out there that have given you hope, a sense of purpose or direction, or whatever, make sure you let them know. We all need to support each other and get the word out there as much as possible if we are ever going to inspire change in a way that’s bigger than ourselves. Thank you for reading, and if you want to share thoughts on who has inspired you along your vegan journey, please do so!