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Hi, There.

Welcome to my blog. I have to admit, I was timid about making the move to write a blog. I mean, how many more blogs does the world need?! Also, I hadn’t found a blog title that I felt really connected to yet. I was reading so many other blogs and thought, “What a great name” or “They’ve found their voice!” Maybe I wasn’t cut out to live amongst the virtual world of so many cool people with cool things to say. Then I realized I probably spent so much time reading other people’s blogs (I seriously have a blog addiction!) because I was living vicariously through their blogging. The world doesn’t need another blog; I needed my own blog! I needed a space where I could share my thoughts and passions and engage my creative side. And so, here I am, taking the plunge.

So about me: I live a simple life with my hubby and cat where we are sandwiched between the DC/Baltimore areas. I’m a vegan who cares deeply about health and wellness and finding balance. And CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE. (I am sure there are trace amounts of cocoa powder coursing thru my veins!) I haven’t been vegan very long (a little over a year now) and while my family has been very supportive, in the beginning there was a questing look or two. In fact, that is how the title of this blog came to be.

At one family gathering, we were celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday. We made vegan chocolate cupcakes on the fly using a basic “crazy cake” recipe. (If you don’t know what I mean, just google “crazy cake” or “wacky cake” or hop over to this one.) While we were happily admiring our work, my dad (oh dad. dear dear dad.) leaned over and looked at the cupcakes and suspiciously asked, “Are those normal cupcakes?” Was he implying that as a vegan who cooks or bakes vegan recipes that anything I would be cooking would subsequently be ab-normal? So of course I replied, “Yes, they are normal cupcakes,” while giving him a long look. He returned my long look and asked, “Yeah, but do they have vegan in them?” As much as I wanted to be a martyr for my veganism, that isn’t how you plead your cause. And I was torn–do I correct him or laugh, because hey, it’s funny to hear a 60-something year old man use the lingo! So instead, I keep that story in the back of my pocket and chuckle about it. And now, blog about it.

I plan on sharing more about my daily experiences with being “the vegan in the room” if for no other reason than you let you dear readers know that it’s possible to survive being different. Along the way, I will share the great blogs I follow, the genius vegan crusaders behind them who are inspiring me daily, the buzz in the vegan community from my ears to yours, the many atrocities I tend to commit in the kitchen while attempting to cook and of course, chocolate talk. For the record, there is no me without chocolate–vegan chocolate of course!

If you have any questions prior to my upcoming blog entries, don’t hesitate to ask. Your question just might be great fodder for discussion!